We remodeled most of the public spaces in this condominium. The interior had not been recently updated and there was a real lack of storage within the unit. The other issue was the light: there was no direct sunlight into the residence.

We handled the storage issue by adding cabinets along the back wall of the living room. 1Modeling of the storage cabinets1. Model of the storage cabinets.
Within this we were able to create glass fronts for displaying object from their recent travels, a bar area, and some deep under cabinets capable of holding boxes for deep storage.

To compensate for the lack of natural light in the living room, we lightened the floor and the wall colors. By placing a sofa table behind the loveseat in the long and narrow space, I was able to get two large table lamps in the center of the room, which created much needed soft ambient light.

  • Living room with storage cabinetsThe living groom with storage cabinets. The lower cabinet can handle folding chairs for larger get-togethers.
  • Shelves and low storageThese floating shelves created more storage without making the room feel smaller. The wood shelves were custom stained to match the low storage below.
  • The den areaThe den area received very little natural light. Creating a rather lounge-ish like space was more accepting of this parameter.
  • The ktichenThe kitchen was remodeled with shaker cabinets, a glass tile backsplash, black granite countertops and nickel plated cabinet pulls.

The kitchen and den area are in an even darker area of the house and while lightening up the finishes helped somewhat, it really made sense to accept limitation of the space and aim for something more lounge-ish or moody. The kitchen was remodeled with black granite countertops and shaker doors.