This condominium had not been updated at all since it was originally built in the late 1980’s. The kitchen had the original wood stained cabinets and Formica countertops. An unnecessary soffit in this space blocked residual light from the living room. 1Livingroom and kitchen areas before remodel.1. Before

We completely remodeled the kitchen. High-gloss contemporary cabinetry was installed with quartz countertops. All new appliances and hardware were also installed. The refinished ceiling, which was now closer to the height of the rest of the rooms, makes the kitchen feel more connected to the rest of the house.

There was an existing chandelier in the dining room, but it just seemed to impede the flow through the open floor plan. Instead we installed a series of recessed lights that give plenty of light and also remove harsh shadows over the dining table.

  • The living room with morning lightThe living room with morning light.
  • The living room with late day lightThe living room with late daylight
  • The living room in the eveningThe living room in the evening
  • The kitchenThe kitchen
  • The kitchenThe kitchen
  • The dining roomThe dining room
  • The dining room from the living roomThe dining room from teh living room

The living room was an altogether different proposition. I have always enjoyed small, confined spaces, but this one really was tricky. The space only works with seating on either side of the fireplace, which for some reason, was not centered so any combination of seating was unbalanced. Fortunately we were able to re-center the fireplace (it was a stand-alone unit) and create a space with strong symmetry and a pleasant layout for furnishings.

The floors were re-planked in white oak and the walls, which were originally finished in a bumpy texture, were re-finished in a smoother, sophisticated finish.