Interior design and gardens generally fall into the contemporary or traditional camps. I have always enjoyed the confidence, clean lines, and structural organization modern spaces create. On the other hand, traditional styles are heavy on character and emotion. How to choose? The solution for me has been to focus on regional materials, design, and history. By narrowing the range of options, I am able to create spaces in both traditional and contemporary settings - and some combinations of the two - while focusing on the best possible synthesis of design and materials within these parameters.


I want our interiors to be places of contemplative sanctuary. In this respect it is important that nothing in the interior feels forced that the space feel honest. Our vast knowledge of structural styles from contemporary minimalism to traditional vernaculars allows us to embed our client’s wishes into the existing style of the structure to create well integrated spaces.

The integrity of any interior comes down to durability and the quality of the finishes. Whether it is the finish of the walls, the sofa, or the side table, a quality finish is both durable and can stand of to the scrutiny of close inspection. Hatheway Design has compiled selective resources that meet these discerning expectations. When appropriate, Hatheway Design works with a number of crafts people in the worlds of woodworking, metalworking and upholstery to create custom pieces of furniture precisely tailored to the designed space.

Custom wood and bronze console table.


Our knowledge of interiors is complimented by our dedication to creating complementary outdoor spaces. Much like the interior design process we take many of our cues from the existing structural styles of the adjoining buildings and combine these details with the wishes of our client. I believe that first and foremost your outside spaces should be a garden. All the other elements, be they pools or patio fireplaces need to fit within the garden. The garden lends cohesion to the entire ensemble.

Concept for a new pool, pool house and gardens.


Hatheway Design is interested in creating spaces that connect with our community and our community’s history. We have spent considerable time sourcing local materials and finishes that place our designs in both a regional and historical context. In using these resources we can create a greater level of integrity in our creations.

Path on the Santa Rosa Plateau.